View Statements


From the Home Page, press the View Statement button to view a list of all accounts.  Once the accounts at each facility have been added to the Client list, statements can be viewed for all facilities, or selected facilities.  Using the mouse, place a check in the ‘Select’ column checkbox in front of each facility that should be included on the statement.  If all facilities should be included, press the ‘Check All’ link at the bottom of the ‘Select’ column.


Note:  You cannot combine your NYRA account with any other track.  It must be printed as a separate statement.


Start/End Date - In the Start Date field, enter the beginning date of the transactions.  Press tab to move to the End Date field.  The system will automatically calculate the date for 90 days.   The user can change the date to a narrower date range, but the maximum date range is limited to 90 days.


View Statement – To obtain a copy of the statement, press the View Statement link.  The system will generate one statement containing transactions from all facilities selected. 


To obtain a printable pdf file of the statement, press the link at the top of the statement entitled 'Click Here for Formatted PDF file'.  A pdf image of the statement will open with Adobe Acrobat Reader.  The Acrobat Reader is a free product offered by Adobe.  The software can be downloaded from Adobe’s website at:


A statement sample follows:

To generate a printable pdf copy of the statement, press the link at the top of the page entitled 'Click Here For Formatted PDF File.  Below is a sample of the printable pdf statement.



After printing a hardcopy of the statement, close the pdf to return to the statement on your screen.  This statement has hyperlinks attached to each horse name.  You can click on the Link of the horse name to go directly to and obtain reports specifically for each horse.  Below is a sample of reports available for the horse named Dark Regent.


 Download Data – The transaction data can be downloaded and saved to a file for importing into a spreadsheet.  Press the Download Data link.   The following box will appear:


If the user chooses to ‘Open’ the file, the data will appear in a comma delimited format as follows:



Choose ‘Save’ to save a copy of the data to a file on your pc.  A ‘Save As’ dialog box will appear for the user to indicate which folder and under what name the document should be saved.


Cancel – stops the download process and returns to the View Statement screen.



To exit the HB Web site, click the Log out link, in the top left-hand corner of your screen to disconnect.