IFS Account Access Login


The InCompass Financial Services Account Access program is designed to allow horsemen to access their horsemen's bookkeeper accounts via the internet.   Horsemen will login to the web site to associate each track/account number combination to his Universal ID Account.  Having each track and account number associated with a single user name, the horseman will be able to view his account at any of the defined tracks.


To access IFS Account Access, enter the following URL:


If you have already established an account with any of the Jockey Club family of companies, you will have a Universal ID and password which can be used to access the IFS Account Access process.  If so, enter the Username and Password to continue.  Otherwise, follow the instructions below to create you Universal ID.

Establishing a New Account and Universal ID:




To create a new Universal ID, click the button entitled, ’Sign Up Now’.


Complete the following screen to obtain the Universal ID.





Changes to this information can be edited at a later date, by pressing the ‘Edit Profile’ link on the left-hand side of the Home Page.





After the horsemen has logged in, a list of tracks that have been previously defined will be displayed.  A description of the screen follows:



Facility (Account) – The Facility Name (or track name) will appear followed by the horsemen’s account name in parenthesis.


Account # - The Account number on file with the Horsemen’s Bookkeeper at each facility.


Verified -  If the pin number of the account is still valid with the Horsemen’s Bookkeeper at the facility, a green ‘checkmark’ will appear in the Verified column.  If the pin number has been changed by the Horsemen’s Bookkeeper, a Red ‘X’ will appear.  In order for the account to become Verified again, the horsemen will need to contact the Horsemen’s Bookkeeper and confirm their identify.  At that time, they will be given a new pin number. 


To activate the account, select the  button.


Choose the Facility name from the dropdown menu. 
Enter the Account number.  The Acct # will appear on the previous screen, or it can be obtained from the Horsemen’s Bookkeeper at that Facility.

Enter the new PIN number that was mailed to you from the Create Pin option.


Click the ‘Add Account’ link.

Adding Accounts Note:  If you have multiple partnership accounts at one facility, you will need to add the facility multiple times, for each different account number.


Edit – The ‘Edit’ link will display a page allowing you to modify the HB account number. 


An example of when the account number would need to be edited, is if the Horsemen’s Bookkeeper at the track, created a new account number, or combined two accounts into one account.


A  new Pin number will need to be generated and then you can follow the same process as described in the ‘Add Account’ section to setup the new account.



Delete –  If an account is no longer in use, it can be deleted by clicking on the ‘Delete’ link.




A dialog box asking the user to verify the selected track should be deleted from the list will appear.  Click ‘Yes’ to delete the account, or ‘No’ to cancel the request.