Online Check Request


Requests for Checks can be submitted online from participating Horsemen's Bookkeeper Offices.  The system will display the amount of available money in your account at the selected facility (or race track), and then you can enter the amount of the check you would like to receive.   An email will be sent to you confirming the request has been placed.  After the bookkeeper at the track has reviewed your request, another email will be sent stating whether the request was accepted or declined.  



To Request a Check online, press the button.


A Check Request screen will display listing previous requests.  To enter a new request, press the 'Add New Check Request' link at the bottom of the screen.



Show Last ____ Days:  By default the screen will display the last 30 days of activity.  The list can be lengthen or shorten by increasing or decreasing the number of days in the 'Show Last ___ Days' field, and then pressing 'Search'.


Fac - This is the facility or track from where the request was made.

Date - This is the date of the request, or updated status.

Conf# - This is the Confirmation Number of the request.

Status - There are three status messages that can be displayed here:

Disposition - The disposition is how the bookkeeper will dispose of the check after it has been written.  If the check is to be automatically mailed to you, you can call the Bookkeeper and they can setup an automatic disposition of mailed, or pickup, so every time you request a check, the check will be mailed to the address on the account, or held in the office for pickup.


Add New Check Request - This is the link to request a check online.  After pressing this link the following screen will appear:


Participating Facility - As each facility, or race track opts to use the new Online Check Request service, their name will appear in the dropdown box.  Choose a facility from the list.

Account # - Enter your Account number at that facility.

Account Name - The Account name on the account will be displayed.

Available Balance - The amount of your 'available' balance will be displayed.  Note:  This is not the Total Balance in the account, only the available balance.   Additional monies could be in the account but are on hold, or have not cleared yet.

Check Amount - Enter the amount of money you are requesting.

Update - Selecting 'Update' will submit the request to the bookkeeper at the facility chosen.  An email will be sent to the email address you have on file with the bookkeeper's office, as well as the email address you have on your Equine Line Account with The Jockey Club Information Systems.

Back - The Back link will return to the previous screen.


After the online check request has been made, the Horsemen's Bookkeeper will review the request and either 'Accept or Decline' the request.  You will also receive an email stating whether the request was Accepted or Declined.  If the request is 'Declined', please contact the bookkeeper at that facility to find out the reason.


Sample Email:



Subject:  A Check for AMY SIMPSON in the amount of $100.00 has been accepted


A check in the amount of $100.00 has been accepted for AMY SIMPSON (account #93211).  This check will be available for pickup on 4/29/2007.